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When you work with a local sales representative for YP.com, they currently require long term contracts for their services, and the pricing model is pay for placement on their local search engine versus a Cost Per Click (CPC) bidding model. Recently, YP.com introduce the YP Search Marketplace with CPC bidding capabilities. Structured similarly to the other major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, we now have access to place you on the top of the YP.com search interface on a CPC bidding model.

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YP Search Performance Claims

Disclosure: YP Search Marketplace is a new offering for Tracks Advertising. The information and claims regarding their advertising platform below are provided by YP.com and not representative of campaigns we are currently running or have run. As we identify performance, we'll update this page in order to represent information based on Tracks managed advertising programs on YP.com.

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