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Build brand awareness and drive conversions with highly sophisticated targeting capabilities!

Tracks Ad Network Overview

Our video ad serving technology allows us to purchase impressions and inventory at a true $0.01 bid over the competition as a Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology. Essentially, this means that we have access to remnant, unsold inventory for less on all major websites and apps with targeting capabilities to reach your primary target markets which far surpasses the targeting capability of television advertising.

Over 50,000 Websites & Apps

Over 30 Major Ad Networks

Geotargeting to Zip Code

Reach 98% of Internet Traffic by Online Behavior or Demographic

All Device Targeting

In-App Ad Serving

Video Advertising Targeting Capabilities

Although we offer remnant priced video ad serving capabilities, it does not diminish the value of the highly targeted audiences we are able to reach. Ad serving video online offers a unique opportunity to zero in on your primary, secondary and tertiary markets to build a strong brand awareness among those most desirable to your organization. The following descriptions will provide you with some of the capabilities we have to reach your desired audience with Video Preroll advertisements.

Contextual Targeting

Ad serve your video to contextually relevant websites containing an overall theme which is categorically relevant to the products or services you offer.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral Targeting involves targeting individuals online based on their personal characteristics as well as their online habits. Persons are tracked while searching, shopping and completing profiles online pertaining to demographics such as employment and household income, shopping and research habits and much more. Utilizing their IP address, we can then ad serve video ads directly to persons who match these characteristics.

Keyword Targeting

As compared to Contextual Targeting representing the relevancy of a website due to a category it fits in, Keyword Targeting allows us to ad serve directly to pages with a string of keywords which are relevant to your product or service offering. This is a great technique for niche targeting and achieving placement on webpages such as articles which feature information relative to your product or service.

Combo Targeting

Often times, we want to zero in more directly on persons who match certain criteria, but additionally being in the mindset where they are more likely to take action at that moment. In this circumstance, we may combine targeting capabilities such as Contextual Targeting with Behavioral Targeting, or Keyword Targeting with Behavioral Targeting to get more precise in our efforts.

Video Retargeting

Not as common as Display Retargeting or Facebook Retargeting, but we are able to Retarget persons who have previously visited your website and shown interest in a particular product or service, but did not convert on the first visit. This can be a great technique for presenting new features and benefits or continued education of offerings with a more complete and compelling story vs. text and image ads, so long as you continue to present fresh content.

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