Social Media Advertising

Leveraging the power of engaged social media users to deliver results.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising medium has consistently been improving performance capabilities over time and has now become a much more immediate results advertising medium with higher click through rates (CTR), lower Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Through Facebook's connectivity across the internet with user profile information, Facebook has built one of the most comprehensive 3rd party databases of engaged social media users available in the marketplace today.

Advanced Facebook Optimization

We offer a unique Facebook optimization technology which allows us the opportunity to generate hundreds, if not thousands of ads in order to A/B split test a variety of targeting factors in order to be able to optimize your Facebook advertising program. In addition to being able to test factors such as images, device, placement on page and gender, we are additionally able to view and test performance specs of individually selected audience targets to conversions.

Facebook Targeting Capabilities


Target persons based on hundreds of categories of which they've expressed interest including topics such as music, movies, sports, games and shopping.


Target persons based on their online habits such as shopping for particular types of products or services.


Reach friends of those persons who already like your business page in order to reach like minded people.


Gender and Age

Geographic Location


The Facebook advertising medium includes ad placement on the photo sharing application Instagram in addition to Facebook placement CPC Advertising

Linkedin features a unique B2B advertising opportunity unlike any other advertising medium. Targeting persons by their employment characteristics such as industry, seniority level, or particular skill sets, brand your business and drive leads and sales from highly targeted professionals.

Linkedin Targeting Capabilities

Employee Characteristics

Job Title, Job Function, Years of Experience, Seniority Level and Worker Skill Sets.

Company Characteristics

Company Name, Industry, and Number of Employees.

Group Memberships

Target persons based on their association to particular Linkedin Groups which are social groupings of persons interested in a particular topic.

Educational Information

Affiliated Schools, Degrees, and Fields of Study.


Linkedin CPC Ad Placement

News Feed / Right Rail Banner Ad / Text Ads (Desktop Only)

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