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We ad serve to all the major search engine CPC networks including Google, Bing, Yahoo and now YP (Yellowpages) Search Marketplace. Our process includes includes in-depth research in order to structure the most comprehensive campaign possible and then establish high level conversion tracking in order to provide the most true ROI possible with the tracking capabilities available in the marketplace today. In addition to standard text ads on the search networks, we additionally provide management of product listing ads (Example: Google Shopping).

Search Engine CPC Management Detailed Overview

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Real Time Bidding

Based on your monthly budget, our search engine cpc real time bidding tool adjusts the bids every half an hour in order to maximize the number of clicks possible for your campaign. Performance has shown to drive 50%-75% more clicks on average per campaign with the same budget.

Automated Budget Pacing

Our automated budget pacing tool paces your budget throughout the month in order to remove the potential for human error in managing pacing. Results have shown on average to complete budgets on targeted days within 97.5% to 100% of campaign budgets.

Keyword Level Call Tracking

We track phone calls all the way down to the keyword level when someone lands on your website and calls from your search cpc ad. This is extremely important to maximize optimization efforts by combining website form fills, eCommerce purchases, ad extension phone calls and any other engagement goal in order to continually optimize your search engine cpc campaign for the most conversions and lowest CPA possible.

Automated Algorithm Performance

Every automated tool needs expert human guidance, but, for true best performance, we implement algorithms which allow for constant performance adjustments based on benchmarks established by positive stats. This allows for your program to be continuously optimized 24/7.

Automated Reporting

For the purposes of accountability, measure-ability and client feedback, we offer automated reporting. The list of elements we can include in reports is extremely expansive. Reports are built based on your desires of which key metrics you\'re primarily interested in viewing. Reports can be provided via email as often as you wish, or you can be provided a login to view reports at your convenience.

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More Detailed Search CPC Services Overview

For those who wish to see a much more detailed explanation of Search Engine Paid Advertising Management strategies and tactics.


YP Search Marketplace

Advertise search text ads on YP.com (Yellowpages).


Product Listing Ads

Advertising your products on the major search engines feature product image, description and price.

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