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The following Search Engine Marketing CPC detailed overview covers the key elements of knowledge and efforts it takes in order to maximize the performance of your Search Engine Paid Advertising online digital advertising campaigns. We'll walk you through the details from Search Engine CPC campaign structure through individual search engine campaign tools and techniques including enhancements we provide through 3rd party technologies to achieve the best results possible for your search engine advertising campaigns as a digital advertising agency.

1: Understanding Search Engine CPC Advertising

The first step prior to establishing your Search Engine Advertising Goals and Search Engine Advertising Campaign Structure is to understand the Methodology of Search Engine Advertising and how persons are utilizing search engines to find the services or products you offer. When people are typing into the Search Engine, they are actively searching for something, whether that be a product, service or information. The best performing Search Engine Advertising campaigns are those which align your product or service to what persons are actively searching for, ad serve a search engine advertisement which is very relevant, and then deliver the person searching to the most relevant landing page with the appropriate information. By aligning yourself to the online demand while creating a relevant conversion flow, you in turn, increase your conversion and engagement ratios of your website, leading to a lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), Higher Quality Scores by the Search Engines, and a lower Average Cost Per Click (Avg. CPC). We'll dive a bit deeper into this process as we move along, but, after a basic understanding of how Search Engine CPC works, the next step is to establish a goal for your Search Engine Advertising Campaign.

2: Search Engine Advertising Goals

Establishing a goal is essential in both how you will first setup your search engine campaign structure, as well as how you will measure engagement (Conversions) and optimize your search engine advertising program on Google Adwords, Bingads, or other search engine. Your goal can be targeting your primary product or service offering in how persons are searching online, as well as targeting particular challenges you are working to overcome. Tracking this goal can vary in a vast amount of ways. If you are looking for sales leads, the majority of website conversions tend to be phone calls and form fills as a first contact. With eCommerce websites, you want to both measure sales interactions, as well as the value of the sales interactions so that when you are making adjustments, you are not only optimizing your search campaign on what is selling, but also ensuring that your cost per sale is less than the revenue produced per item. Additional conversion tracking can include but not limited to actions such as downloads, time spent on page, pages viewed, page scroll to a point on the website and a variety of other actions or performance indicators.

3: Campaign Structure

A well thought out and researched Search Advertising Campaign Structure is where we often times see the first mistake when persons or companies are trying to run Search Engine Advertising campaigns in-house. The majority of companies offer more than one product or service, or have varying profit centers. When persons are searching online, not only are they searching for those products and services, but, often times, there are key indicators within their search string which represent particular characteristics. For example, one may include "cost of" when searching for the cost to replace a new furnace for their home. This does not mean you have to represent the cost of your service or product to the end user, but, having a page on your website which includes a cost range, or the elements which are typically included in such a service. Following our initial in-depth online demand research and providing a recommended outline as a campaign structure aligned to your service offerings, we additionally assist in providing recommendations of website changes which will assist in better conversion ratios since you are providing content which is more directly relevant to what the person was searching for. A positive side effect of these efforts is development of new fresh content on your website which is inline with what persons are searching for online and can be a strong benefit to your organic search results. Each bell curve of demand we identify online in how persons are searching for is then represented by individual Ad Groups within your Campaigns, as well as correlated Ads which contain content specifically relevant to the identified online demand Ad Group. As compared to many Search Engine Advertising Agencies, we additionally add a third level of campaign structuring into each and every Search Engine Marketing CPC advertising program. We call it "Keyword Filtering Campaigns". We establish Exploratory Campaigns which house all of your Keywords initially, and additionally structure Campaigns which are exactly matching as Converted Campaigns. When a Keyword converts as a lead or sale, we then move it over to the matching Converted Campaign so that we can measure the performance of the converted Keyword over time with more direct focus. This search engine campaign structure creates a filtering process which has proven results to continuously drive down the CPA and drive more conversions over time. An additional benefit of our campaign structure (also in conjunction with continue optimization and search engine campaign management) is the improvement of Search Engine Quality Scores as described below.

Search Engine CPC Quality Scores

One of the goals of the Major Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo & their Search Partners) is to provide a positive experience to the end user. A level of protection of irrelevancy and reward to advertisers who are providing a relative and positive experience to the end user is the measurement of the Quality Score. There are a variety of factors which are included into an algorithm that can impact your Search Engine Quality Score. One of the most prominent is the performance of your Search Engine Campaign Click Through Rate (CTR). By structuring out the campaigns in the fashion as described above, we are then placing a more relevant ad in front of an end user. By doing this, we are able to increase CTR's much above and beyond the Search Engines stated relevant benchmark of a 1% CTR, often times in the neighborhood of 200-500% times greater (Yes, that means 2-5%, and some times as high as 10% or greater). Combine the higher CTR's with other factors associated to the Quality Score Algorithm (Including, but not limited to: Relevance of Each Keyword, Landing Page Quality & Relevance, Relevance of Text Ad), we are then able to achieve a Higher Quality Score for your Keywords, which leads to higher Average Position (Avg. Pos.) placement for a lower cost than your competitors are paying for Avg. CPC.

4: Search Engine Campaign Management & Optimization

Campaign Statistical Adjustments

At the heart of what we do, we employ both human insights with algorithm technologies in order to drive the best results for your campaign. Based on performance over time, we set varying benchmarks of which Keywords, Ads, and other elements of your program must maintain. Our goal is to optimize a program by trimming off the fat of elements which don't reach desired goals and increase performance in areas which do.

Negative Keywords

One of the most important optimizations is blocking irrelevant potential website visitors from clicking on your advertisement. By viewing Searched Queries (what people are typing into the search engine causing clicks on your ad), we are able to block your ad from showing up when someone types in irrelevant searches into the search engine.

Keyword Filtering

Matching exploratory and converted campaigns designed to create a keyword conversion focus. Whenever a Keyword converts in the Exploratory Campaign, we transition it to the Converted Campaign in order to place a focus on understanding where this Keyword will convert at on a consistent basis. This allows us to build up a database of Keywords which over time we are able to spend a majority of the advertising budget on Keywords which we know are capable of converting at the client's desired level of performance on a more consistent basis.

Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions on your ads are a unique way to both highlight attributes or characteristics pertaining to your business, while at the same time increasing the space your ad takes up on the search engines. Not only do the ad extensions allow you to feature important aspects of your business, they additionally increase the CTR of your ads by drawing the end users eye and therefore can assist with improving the Quality Score of your Keywords.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Dynamic Keyword Insertion replaces fallback static content within your advertisement with content pulled out directly from what someone typed into the search engine. This process can work extremely well in making your advertisements one to one relevant to exactly what the end user was searching for, again, increasing your CTR's and Quality Scores of your search advertising campaign.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is measuring the performance of your Ads against each other in order to always be working towards ad copy and calls to action which outperforming their rivals. This process can include inclusion of Dynamic Keyword Insertion, specific calls to action, which mentioned features and benefits appeal better to the consumer and a variety of other factors.

Geographic Targeting

Initially, we establish a service area of which to target. Over the course of your campaign, we will identify key areas which perform better or worse and make the appropriate adjustments.

5: Advanced Search Engine CPC Technologies

Real Time Bidding

Based on your monthly budget, our search engine cpc real time bidding tool adjusts the bids every half an hour in order to maximize the number of clicks possible for your campaign. Performance has shown to drive 50%-75% more clicks on average per campaign with the same budget.

Automated Budget Pacing

Our automated budget pacing tool paces your budget throughout the month in order to remove the potential for human error in managing pacing. Results have shown on average to complete budgets on targeted days within 97.5% to 100% of campaign budgets.

Keyword Level Call Tracking

We track phone calls all the way down to the keyword level when someone lands on your website and calls from your search cpc ad. This is extremely important to maximize optimization efforts by combining website form fills, eCommerce purchases, ad extension phone calls and any other engagement goal in order to continually optimize your search engine cpc campaign for the most conversions and lowest CPA possible.

Automated Algorithm Performance

Every automated tool needs expert human guidance, but, for true best performance, we implement algorithms which allow for constant performance adjustments based on benchmarks established by positive stats. This allows for your program to be continuously optimized 24/7.

Automated Reporting

For the purposes of accountability, measure-ability and client feedback, we offer automated reporting. The list of elements we can include in reports is extremely expansive. Reports are built based on your desires of which key metrics you\'re primarily interested in viewing. Reports can be provided via email as often as you wish, or you can be provided a login to view reports at your convenience.

6: Customized Reporting & Accountability

Since our goal is to provide you with the best results possible and not lock you into any long term agreements that don't produce results, we are willing to provide a wealth of data and information at your fingertips. For example, we're willing to share exactly what persons are typing into the search engine that is bringing them to your website from your paid search advertising. It is important to understand that it is a process to mold a program into being a well oiled machine over time. We want you to see that over the course of the first couple of months, we are doing the work it takes to undesirable clicks which are not as relevant as you would hope for, and increase clicks in key areas. We additionally provide all key analytics stats so that you have a very clear view of the progress being made to your campaign. We typically provide a monthly report of performance, but, are able to provide as often as daily with a log in to see performance stats up to the day prior within the current month.

7: Campaign Expectations

Our goal is to meet or beat any prior efforts done in-house or by another Search CPC management company. It does take approximately 3 months (depending on spend level and Avg. CPC for your industry) to optimize a program to more so desired levels of performance, and therefore, budgets should be considered accordingly for what you are comfortable with, knowing that the first few months are an investment in your future performance. If desired, we can provide a minimum budget analysis based on your industry's Avg. CPC to let you know approximately what you should spend in your first three months so that you will be able to see positive trends based us having enough insights to make appropriate changes to your campaign.

8: Pricing Structure

Due to the advanced technologies we utilize and integrations of systems, we do not operate within a client's own advertising accounts. Since we combine management fees and enhanced technology costs into the spend, reporting demonstrates a gross number. Outside of creative production which we outsource to creative experts, we do not charge setup fees for your campaign. We provide an estimated cost per click based on Google and Bing estimation tools with all margins included. With the inclusion of our Real Time Bidding technology along with our comprehensive campaign structuring, our typical average cost per click yields a lower cost per click than most advertisers prior performance from in-house efforts.

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