Our Strategic Process

Expert human knowledge applied to advanced internet advertising technologies.

1: Strategic Planning

First step of our process is to understand the particular goals of your organization. Whether you are a local business, or looking to build your brand internationally, we have the knowledge and resources to develop a comprehensive program based on your organization's goals. Online advertising mediums utilize different targeting methods and host varying audiences. Our detailed research and planning will assist you with understanding which mediums best fit your organization's goals, along with understanding anticipated numerical expectations.

2: Campaign Implementation

Although we need initial information and establishment of goals, we work hard to make the implementation process of your advertising campaign as painless as possible with respect to your efforts. Campaigns are built in a timely fashion, and we implement a tag manager which allows us to control code placement and conversion tracking completely without your involvement, aside from the initial implementation of the tag manager. This can be completed by your website developer or we can do this for you.

3: Management & Optimization

Every campaign we run receives advanced technologies above and beyond what the advertising platforms offer themselves. After establishing your campaign goals and desired engagement, we then structure a detailed tracking plan. Not only does this allow you to view detailed reporting for establishing a ROI, but additionally, consumer engagements let us know what is working well and what isn't in order to optimize within advertising mediums and across advertising mediums. Optimization is the process by which we cut out elements of your campaign which do not work well, and expand on areas which prove to deliver success, always working towards a better ROI and lower CPA for your advertising dollars.

4: Automated Reporting

Our reporting tool is expansive in it's reporting capabilities. We show detailed statistical performance by individual advertising medium, along with the ability to display charts, graphs, or unique information as requested such as form fill time stamps, or search engine searched queries. You may choose to have monthly and weekly reports emailed to the appropriate persons, or login to view and download the results at your leisure. The tool is completely white label ready for incorporating client logos and color schemes.

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