eCommerce Online Product Advertising

Amazon eCommerce advertising offers a great medium if you are looking to sell products online. The optimization process for Amazon CPC includes product presentation enhancements, as well as bidding strategies. The current advertising platform focuses on product types or Keywords to create product groupings as Ad Groups. The error in this methodology is that different products at different price levels will maintain their own conversion ratio. We implement comprehensive campaign structuring in order to maximize sales profits by bidding on individual products across your entire product line.

PLAProduct Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads allow you to feature your products on the major search engines with a product image, description, price and promotional offer.

eCommerce Advertising Management

Strategy & Implementation

Campaign strategy and implementation

Management & Optimization

Campaign Management & Optimization

Automated Reporting

For the purposes of accountability, measure-ability and client feedback, we offer automated reporting. The list of elements we can include in reports is extremely expansive. Reports are built based on your desires of which key metrics you're primarily interested in viewing. Reports can be provided via email as often as you wish, or you can be provided a login to view reports at your convenience.

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